Mechanical Keyboard vs. Membrane Keyboard

Mechanical Keyboard vs. Membrane Keyboard

Raylene Xu

There are two main types of keyboards: mechanical and membrane keyboards. Most PC gamers are familiar with each and could tell you the difference between the two. Generally speaking, a mechanical keyboard is the most preferred option amongst gamers because of the “feel” of the keyboard. For those new to gamers or casual computer users both keyboards may initially appear the same. We’re breaking down the key differences here:

Membrane Keyboard

Below is a membrane keyboard structure diagram. There are three layers: a top layer, a ‘holes’ layer, and a bottom membrane layer. 

It has a circuit covered by a seal of rubber and above that, we have buttons of keys that can be seen on the keyboard. When you press any button, it forces the rubber layer below it which is attached to the circuit. When the rubber layer presses the circuit, the circuit sends the information to the CPU. Then, the CPU shows the output on the screen. 

Mechanical Keyboard

The most distinguishing feature of a mechanical keyboard is the switch. Each key has its own switch and you can get a different typing experience by changing the switch. 

For a detailed switch description and how to choose the right switch, here is a guide for you: 

Comparison of a mechanical keyboard vs a membrane keyboard: 

One of the biggest differences between the two keyboards is the mechanism for working. The mechanical feeling membrane keyboard has a rubber layer for working while the mechanical keyboard has a mechanism one.

In regard to how it feels typing, the membrane keyboard is quieter. You do not have to press so hard to the bottom to receive feedback when using a mechanical keyboard. 

However, typing feedback can be misleading sometimes. For distance, MarvoPro Membrane keyboard #BigbangG1, a revolutionary mechanical feeling membrane keyboard, combines the best of both membrane rubber domes and mechanical switches to deliver a complete typing and gaming experience unlike anything before. It provides mechanical feelings when typing. 

All in all, the best way to distinguish between the two keyboards is to check if the key has a mechanism for working.