Marvo Fit Lite Review Highlights

Marvo Fit Lite Review Highlights

Raylene Xu

Marvo Fit Lite Mouse is the wired version of Fit Pro which was a Kickstarter project. It retains signature Fit Pro elements, but only around one-third of the price. We’ve received the reviews about Fit Lite on YouTube and Instagram, check out what our influencers talk about it!


The Review in English:

1. Fully Customizable Budget Gaming Mouse - MARVO Z Fit Lite Review

" It also features a modular design that allows you to swap out the back of the mouse grip to a color and size that best suits you. The build quality is also excellent."


2. Marvo Z Fit Lite - Great Value Budget Gaming Mouse

" Marvo Z Fit Lite that is both extremely comfortable and delivers a great value for its gaming performance at $40. This gaming mouse features a customizable swappable grip cover to accommodate different hand sizes and different setup colors. "


The Review in Indonesian:

3. Mouse Boleh Bertukar Saiz,Kejap Kecil,Kejap Besar,AJAIB! Review Marvo Z Fit Lite Wired Gaming Mouse


The Review in Turkish:

4.Gördüğüm En İlginç Ama En Mantıklı Mouse - Marvo Fit Pro & Marvo Fit Lite


The Review in Thai:

5. Marvo Z Fit Lite เมาส์ปรับเปลี่ยนโครงได้ ของดีจาก kickstarter !!!


The Review in Instagram:

6. ikittygamerz--Unbox Fit Lite Mouse With Me 💕💖💗💓💞

7. i_am_milkes -- And has a few surprises up it’s sleeve 😉 for today some unboxing ASMR for you.

8.iitzgraham--The grips are fully interchangeable in sizes and colours! So no matter your hand size or setup colour scheme there’s something for you!

9.gabegagnon13 -- It’s the Fit Lite version which is wired. Why it’s different than other mice? because you can change the grip size and colours in the blink of an eye.