5 Reasons Why You Need a Fit Pro

5 Reasons Why You Need a Fit Pro

Maggie Song

1. Save 15% OFF On Single Product

After MARVO Z Fit Pro successfully raised HK$ 101,081 on Kickstarter. It is currently available on our website under the Early Adopter Deal. We offer it at the low price of just $76.49 thanks to the Early Adopter. The usual retail price is $89.99. You’ll need to be quick to get yours, and pay more attention to our Page.

2. Complete customization and complete comfort with swap in grips

Unique swap in large and small grips with seven-colour semi-transparent casing makes it easy to customize your mouse. The MARVO Z Fit Pro fits any FPS or RTS online game, left and right hand, any grip style. It’s your mood, your personality, your freedom to choose.

Pay $3 to get 2 grips,you’ll save a huge $12 and there’s 7 colors available to choose from. Get It Now!

3. Get connected with three different modes 

Compatible with Mac, Windows, IOS, and Android, MARVO Z Fit Pro adopts tri-mode connection including Bluetooth, 2.4G USB Wireless, and Type-C wired connection - no need to worry about no ports being available or an annoying delay in-game. The most interchangeable gaming & office mouse, MARVO Z Fit Pro makes it easy to personalize for each unique user.

4. Fit for gaming

Equipped with the PixArt’s LATEST FLAGSHIP Pixart® 3370 sensor capable of 19000 programmable DPI and 1000hz /1ms polling rate. This is the highest performance optical Gaming mouse sensor.

If you like playing FPS games such as VALORANT, Counter-Strike and Apex Legends, MARVO FIT PRO’s large shell will meet all of your needs. If you enjoy playing RTS style games, the small shell empowers you with a nimble and competitive edge in the field.

5. Fit for work

A complete ergonomic design with crisp, clean connection and quick response to keep your productivity high day in, day out. Give your slow, clunky and defunct office mouse early retirement. FitPro is a seamless system that is highly customizable, fully integrated and incredibly comfortable.With stunning 3-Zone RGB lighting you can adjust 7 lighting modes with the click of a button. That’s a colour swap to brighten any dull office.

No cable, no limitation! The MARVO Z FIT PRO’s Bluetooth and 2.4G connection provides the convenience you need to attend meetings comfortably. Whether you are using a computer, laptop or Tablet, MARVO Z FIT PRO is able to help you whenever and wherever.

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