Marvo Z Fit Pro Review Highlights

Marvo Z Fit Pro Review Highlights

Maggie Song
It has been a week since our Fit Pro released on Kickstarter, we’ve received the reviews about Fit Pro on YouTube, check out what our influencers talk about it!
The Review in English:
1. This Mouse is FULLY CUSTOMISABLE! - Marvo Z Fit Pro Review
"It is able to customize your mouse without any tools and it’s easy to customize and basically feed your needs."
2. Fully CUSTOM Wireless Gaming Mouse! - MARVO Z Fit Pro Review
"This is the best options for a wireless mouse that I’ve seen in a long time"
3. Marvo Fit Pro Review  
"It’s a pretty interesting mouse, the best part about this mouse is the swappable grips and side buttons if you happen to like big and chunky mouses that are heavy and easier to control.
4. The best one-size-fits-all mouse? | MARVO Z Fit Pro Mouse
"This mouse is definitely a very solid option for anyone looking for a wired or wireless mouse
5. Coolest Customizable Gaming Mouse! Marvo Z Fit Pro Review
"If you’ve ever wanted to customize your mouse in a fully modular shell design if you require a high-speed optical sensor,so this is a good mouse for you!
6. 2 GAMING MICE IN ONE! (Small & Large)
"You have the option if you want to connect this thing with Bluetooth to your laptop when you're on the go or bring your laptop with you from home and have the best connection when it comes to gaming" 

7.Using A GLASS Mouse For Bedwars
"Those mouse buttons just connect them together like Lego, just like it's magnetic literally, this is like a mouse skin"
"It has three modes so basically the designer of this mouse made it so that there's a mode for gaming, a mode for like office work and just like a mode for like pretty much everything."

9. MARVO Z Fit Pro Gaming & Office Mouse | Unboxing, Review
"This innovative mouse offers a covers to fit your hand and customize the size."

10.You can Customize this Mouse...? (Marvo Z Fit Pro)
“Have you heard of custom mice?”


The Review in Portuguese:

11. Mouse Modular Marvo Z Fit Pro Wireless - Proposta interessante 
"My only conclusion is that the mouse is good in terms of quality."  
12.NOVO! MOUSE Gamer Wireless e Bluetooth TODO CUSTOMIZAVEL 2022 - Marvo Z Fit Pro
"It is an excellent cost-effective gaming mouse that has surpassed several brands such as logitech, razer and hyperx."  
The Review in Indonesian:
13.Gaming Mouse Yang Bisa Gonta Ganti Grip! - Review Marvo Z Fit Pro


 The Review in Bulgarian:

14. МНОГО Мишки в ЕДНА? - Marvo Z Fit Pro 


We’ll keep updated for future review, stay tuned~